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Mission Statement

We, the members of the West Charlton United Presbyterian Church, are a congregation of people within the Presbyterian Church (USA), who trust Jesus Christ and seek to do the will of God.  As such, we serve as the Body of Christ in this place through love and care of each other, our community and the larger world.



  • Give glory to God through worship, prayer, service and fellowship.
  • Celebrate and share our diversity and its gifts.
  • Develop opportunities for people to mature in their Christian faith through study, leadership, opportunities and training.
  • Share in each other's joys and sorrows and nurture one another in times of need.
  • Be a caring center where people can find fellowship, friendship, relaxation and spiritual development.
  • Share ministry with other congregations in the Presbytery and community.



  • Strengthen and expand our:

               -Christian Education program for children, youth and adults

               -Mission support

               -Stewardship of time, talents, assets and finances

               -Witness to the Gospel in this community

               -Reach out to those who are hurting in this community and

           throughout the world.

               -Introduce the non-churched to Jesus Christ

               -Increase our membership



To be a sanctuary at the crossroad for a growing community and also, a sanctuary for people who are at a crossroad in their lives and a beacon of hope for all who pass by.



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